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Just for Kids, Vol. 3
Product ID: 01384


Gregg Nash

Here's another great recording from Faith Music Missions, the most trusted name in conservative Christian music. You will be blessed and inspired by these songs. The messages of the songs are good, and you'll enjoy listening to the music.
Click on the "Listen" link to hear a short preview of each song. Then download individual songs or the whole recording. Or order the CD to add to your music collection.

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Individual Tracks


 1. The Lord's Army $0.99 Add
 2. Stand Up and Shout It $0.99 Add
 3. Missions Songs $0.99 Add
 4. Jesus Is Coming $0.99 Add
 5. Fishers of Men $0.99 Add
 6. Praise Him, All Ye Little Children $0.99 Add
 7. The Glories Song $0.99 Add
 8. Lying $0.99 Add
 9. The Tug Boat $0.99 Add
 10. The Bird Song $0.99 Add
 11. I Love Jesus Medley $0.99 Add
 12. God Is Everywhere $0.99 Add
 13. It's a Grand Thing to Be a Christian $0.99 Add
 14. My God Is So Big $0.99 Add
 15. The Happy Day Express/The Faith Line $0.99 Add
 16. The Devil Wants Everybody Grumpy/Resist Satan/ The Devil Is a Sly Old Fox/ Satan, Don't Bother Me/I Wish I Had a Little Red Box $0.99 Add
 17. What the Devil Wants You to Do $0.99 Add
 18. They All Were Used for God $0.99 Add
 19. Up, Down Zacchaeus/ Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man $0.99 Add
 20. Father Abraham/Twelve Men Went to Spy on Canaan $0.99 Add
 21. God Has a Plan for Your Life $0.99 Add
 22. Way Down in the Bottom of the Ocean $0.99 Add
 23. I'm No Kin to the Monkey $0.99 Add
 24. All the Children Ought to Know/ For He's a Wonderful Savior $0.99 Add
 25. God Hates Booze $0.99 Add
 26. Lord, I Want to Serve You More/In My Life, Lord $0.99 Add
 27. Isaiah41:10 &12:2 $0.99 Add
 28. Psalm 107:1/Thank You, Lord $0.99 Add
 29. The Bible Is the Word of God $0.99 Add
 30. Seek Ye First $0.99 Add
 31. He's Got the Whole World In His Hands $0.99 Add

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