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Our Mission

  1. To practice the doctrine of replacement here and abroad.
  2. To provide heartwarming, uplifting music to Christian homes that feeds the Spirit of God within the believer.
  3. To provide music that ministers.
  4. To assist pastors by supplying Christ-honoring, revival based music for the building of stronger Christian families. Strong families make strong church members.

Faith Music Missions was established for the purpose of recording HIGH quality music for people in fundamental Baptist Churches with the goal of influencing our Christian homes, our churches and our nation with Godly music. Everywhere you turn, music is influencing people in a direction that can be either good or bad. Music is not a new tool of the Devil. He knows that if he can capture the hearts and minds of good Christian people, he can control the spirit, attitude and morality of an entire country. Satan has the very best of the best in equipment, musicians, expertise, knowledge and capabilities at his disposal to flood the market with this brand of music.

Faith Music Missions provides the answer for people who want to make a difference for our local churches and Christian homes. If we are going to combat satan's plan in this area, then God's music should be recorded with the same level of expertise, knowledge and quality as anything satan has to offer. We have God on our side! We can make a difference. Faith Music Missions has a wonderful production studio, but more than that, it has quality engineers, musicians and producers that are faithful Christians and have dedicated themselves to the ministry of the Gospel.

Please understand that the sky is the limit on what can be produced and recorded. When it comes to recording, the minimum standard is achieved only by quality equipment. The quality produced is then limited or enhanced by the ability of the engineers, producers and musicians. Any element that is left out leaves you with just a recording and not a first-class production. Faith Music Missions has labored long and hard to achieve not only a good sound, but one that is equal to the very best. A person will pay a minimum for a quality recording, but his production budget determines how far he can go with the recording.

Faith Music Missions has developed the Faith Music Missions Sound and will share it with people who want to make a difference. Understanding that the production makes the difference, Faith Music Missions has put together three recording packages. Each of these is designed to be a cooperative effort between Faith Music Missions and the artist. This means that Faith Music Missions will record and produce a project for about half the price it would cost to record this same quality production in a profit-making recording studio. We factor in the hourly wages of our employees necessary to produce the recording and the expenses that we incur in order to supply a complete package. Aside from that, no profit is factored in over and above the basic cost of the recording. Faith Music Missions will recover its investment through the distribution of the recording.

Several years ago we adopted "Practicing the Doctrine of Replacement" as our motto. A doctrine is one's system of beliefs. Our beliefs are the principles that govern our actions. The doctrine of replacement is the principle of removing a negative component of a person's life, and supplying a positive replacement to fill the void created, or the negative will return and be even more damaging than before. We teach and preach that we should get rid of worldly music, but to get rid of the wrong influence is only the first step. Not only do we believe in the "doctrine of replacement" - we must practice it! Let's replace the world's philosophy with songs, hymns and spiritual songs. Let's fill that area with godly music, produced by dedicated Christians, so the need for replacement never arises...

We must have the right music in our churches in order to set the tone and mood of the services. This also applies to the Christian home. Set the right atmosphere in the Christian home, and you will influence the environment. Influence the environment, and you will influence the right behavior. There are those that try to separate the priority of the church from the home, but you cannot do that. One is not to be a replacement for the other. Strong homes must have strong families, and strong families must have strong churches. If we fail in one of these areas, we fail in both. Let me encourage you to get good muisc in your home. Consider joining us as we endevor to put the right kind of music in our homes and churches!