How To Use This Site

  1. Add a variety of products to your cart. New to our website is the ability to order and download individual songs, soundtracks, and lyrics of most every CDHow To Use This Site offered by Faith Music Missions. The ability to have the same CD shipped to you is still retained, offering our customers a new way to buy and listen to music. Multiple discounts are available on Mail Order CDs - Discounts Available
  2. Proceed to checkout. Checkout online like normal through our secure system. If you do not have an account with us, it's simple and free. You will be automatically available to receive the discounts on the website.
  3. Receiving Product. Soon after checkout, you will be brought to the confirmation page. This will show you your recent purchase and allow you to download it. These downloads and records will always still be available through your account center. You will also receive an email receipt of your purchase. Any product that you have ordered to be shipped with you, will be processed with in 2 business days for quick delivery. User Agreement Here

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