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Frequently Asked Questions about our Monthly Music Membership

What Is the Monthly Membership Club?

This program is intended to enable both churches and individuals to receive the best that Faith Music Missions has to offer on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a selected CD at a deeply discounted rate. We offer four different monthly support plans to choose from, each with a different quantity of CDs. .

Where Does the Money Go?

The monthly support received goes directly to ministries of Faith Music Missions and our radio ministry: Faith Broadcasting. These funds will help us to continue to record conservative, family-orientated Christian music and to help spread Christ-honoring music over the air waves.

May I Choose the CDs That Are Shipped to Me?

The staff at Faith Music Missions work exhaustively to bring you the best that we have to offer in each CD we ship. We have a four-year membership schedule in place including a mix of classic Faith Music recordings and brand new projects. During the course of this program, you may receive a project that you already have or one that isn’t quite your taste. In these cases, we recommend giving this good gospel music to someone who may be blessed by it.

May I Cancel My Membership?

There is no set membership time frame for this program. You may cancel at anytime. If you do decide to cancel, we require a three-month waiting period before you can rejoin. Also, if you decide to return a CD, we will issue you a refund and consider your membership cancelled..

Do I Have to Use a Credit Card?

In order to keep the costs of this membership low, we require a major credit or debit card to be on file. This ensures a continuous supply of music to your doorstep without any delays. Churches may pay by check for their membership if they choose.

May an Individual Select a Church Plan??

Sure. As an individual, if you’d like to receive more than the standard quantities, we’d be happy for you to select one of the church plans for your use.

May I Resell the CDs I Receive?

Of course! We recommend this option if you are a church with a bookstore or you purchase CDs for a group. You can help further the work of this music ministry and put great, Christ-honoring music at the fingertips of your congregation by exercising this option.

Will I Receive Multiple Copies of the Same CD?

For the support plans with multiple CDs, you will receive the corresponding quantity of the same CD each month. This will be a different CD every month.