For over 30 years, Faith Music Missions has endeavored to produce first-class recordings of conservative, traditional gospel music. Since God is interested in a "new song," we believe that He is interested in the music His children listen to. Christian people should listen to Christian music!
Now you have the opportunity to bring heart-warming, uplifting music to your church and home through our Monthly Music Membership. Let us introduce you to this monthly CD club that pastors, churches and individuals can be a part of to help promote the right kind of music for the Christian home. Each month, Faith Music Missions will send music CDs to the individuals or churches that support us. Take a look at our various levels of support:
Let's get the right music out to God's people. This program doesn't have to cost you anything. As a matter of fact, it pays eternal dividends!

What are the benefits?


  • Convey spirituality through godly music all week long.
  • Raise your children to remember wholesome lyrics.
  • Preserve a culture of timeless melodies for generations.


  • Stock your church bookstore, or even start one!
  • Keep a fresh and exciting line-up of music before your church.
  • Introduce new converts to godly music and watch them grow.

The Faith Music Missions Difference

Faith Music Missions has produced more than 700 recordings of conservative, traditional Christian music and wants to use that experience to make a difference in how Christian music is made. This is evident in our unique sound, qualified professional staff and efficient production process. These all combine to give you the finished product that is personalized just for you - that's the difference!

A Few Reasons Why ...

Christian people are going to listen to music. It is our belief that the right kind of music must be produced in a professional manner, and the quality of the recordings must be first class in order to keep people listening again and again. Therefore, a ministry like Faith Music Missions needs your support. Here are a few reasons why:

Music For Missions

Perhaps you would like to step out by faith and use this program as your own ministry! Faith Music Missions can help. If you choose to join the Monthly Music Membership at a multi-CD level, you can give a portion of your CDs to missions. These CDs will be drop-shipped from FMM to missionaries around the globe at no extra expense to you. Just select the number you'd like to donate on the signup form.

Partnering is easy! Let us know if you have any questions!