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USB-He's Always Been Faithful | News from Heaven

SKU 23047
Song List

This USB flash drive contains a collection of songs from two recordings by The Epleys.

He's Always Been Faithful:

  1. It's Been a Good Trip
  2. The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me
  3. He's Always Been Faithful
  4. I've Got a Reservation
  5. One Blessed Man
  6. I'll Never Sail Alone
  7. It'll All Be Over but the Shoutin'
  8. When Jesus Saved Me
  9. Your Ways Are Higher Than Mine
  10. The Good Shepherd

News from Heaven:

  1. News from Heaven
  2. Something That Is Real
  3. Goodness and Mercy
  4. Lord, I'm Thankful
  5. Jesus, What a Wonderful Name
  6. I'll Never Walk Alone
  7. I've Read the Back of the Book
  8. The Half Has Never Been Told
  9. They Just Go On
  10. Stand by Me