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What's New at Faith Music?

Recent Updates to the Faith Music Website

We are proud to release the new version of our website. We think it's a vast improvement over the previous experience. This update goes hand-in-hand with our new Faith Music streaming app to offer you the best of Faith Music

  • CDs are available for purchase from this site.

  • You may be prompted to add a new password to your FMM website account the next time you place an order.

  • The FMM Cloud Player app will continue to function for songs you have already downloaded, but it is no longer available in the App Store and is no longer supported.

  • Our new Faith Music streaming app has replaced the functionality that downloads provided in the past. Any music you previously downloaded from FMM is still yours to keep and enjoy.

  • We previously announced that access to the old website with downloads was available  until May 31, 2020. To help ease this transition to the Faith Music streaming app and the new website, we have EXTENDED that availability until June 30. At that point, the old website will cease to function. You can access our legacy site by clicking here.

Introducing the new Faith Music streaming app!

A brand new way to listen is headed your way 🎉We’ve been hard at work for the last several months cooking up a brand new way to listen to the music you love from Faith Music Missions. We think that you’re going to love it 😀

What We're working on next:

The Family Plan. 

Listen together. Or listen separately.With the family plan, we will bring the ability for up to 5 family members under the same household to have their own account. This plan will allow each family member to all enjoy his own music and playlists without having to take turns.

The Ministry Plan. 

This is the ideal plan for supporters that are looking to get access to Faith Music's extended library + all the benefits of our Individual and Family Plan.  This will include Evangelistic Congregational Hymns and our entire sound track library, including album sound tracks not currently available on CD. These tracks are always useful for churches and other ministries. This plan helps our ministry help other ministries by providing traditional accompaniment to be used in church services. This may be one of the best ways your church can support FMM on a monthly basis and for us to support you as well.

An Android Version. 

Once we have the Family Plan and the Ministry Plan successfully integrated into the Faith Music streaming app, our goal is to  bring all of the great functionality that was built on iOS to the Android platform.

Questions? Contact Us

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