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Recording at Faith Music Missions

Located in Evansville, Indiana, Faith Music Missions is dedicated to recording traditional gospel music in the highest quality possible. Founded in 1979 by Gayle Russ, the recording ministry has produced over 1,000 gospel albums. Our facility houses state-of-the-art tracking rooms and a finely-tuned control room. The studio offers professionally designed work spaces that have been acoustically engineered for great, world-class sound. 

When recording your next album, you will experience the excellence of our trained engineers and musicians, giving you the best in recording quality.   

Recording Packages

Each of these recording packages is designed to be a cooperative effort between Faith Music Missions and the artist. Because great God-honoring Gospel music is our mission, we will record and produce a project for about half the price it would cost to record this same quality production in a profit-making recording studio.


Our recording studio has extensive experience in producing beautiful faith-based music for Christian musicians. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and engineering services to help our artists spread the Word through their music. We can accommodate solo projects or full choir productions, and we can also contract local talent and accomplished musicians to accompany solo recordings or larger projects. If you have ever dreamed of putting your voice or your church’s music into a timeless recording, we offer the opportunity and the skill to turn that dream into a reality.

Studio Recording Equipment

Faith Music Missions has produced more than 1,000 recordings of conservative, traditional Christian music and wants to use that experience to make a difference in how Christian music is made. This is evident in our unique sound, qualified professional staff and efficient production process. These all combine to give you the finished product that is personalized just for you - that's the difference!

            ProTools HD
            Avid/DigiDesign C|24
            Mac Pro


            SonoDyne SM-200

            Yamaha NS-10

Analog Compression:

            Tube Tech CL 2A

            Tube Tech LCA 2b

            Audient ASP008


            Universal Audio


            Pro Tools Native


            Baldwin SD-10 

            9 ft. Concert Grand

Mic Preamps:

            API 312

            Neve 511




            Neumann M149

            Warm Audio CX12

            Warm Audio WA-47

            Warm Audio WA-8000

            Shure SM81

            Audio Technica 4050, 4033

            CAD Trion 6000

            AKG 414