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USB-Stedfast Unmoveable | That I May Know Him

SKU 23053
Song List

This USB flash drive contains a collection of songs from two recordings by Landmark Baptist College.

Stedfast Unmoveable:

  1. Stand Strong
  2. It's Still the Blood | Nothing but the Blood | It's Under the Blood
  3. He Is Mine
  4. God Will Provide
  5. I Stand Redeemed
  6. I Know My God Can Do It
  7. Lord, I'm Thankful
  8. The Blessed Old Book
  9. Stand
  10. To Count for Jesus | Lord, Be Glorified

That I May Know Him:

  1. Back to Me
  2. Faithful to the Cross
  3. Jesus Passed By
  4. Jesus Spoke to Me
  5. God Saw a Cross
  6. If You Knew Him
  7. I Know
  8. God Saves Old Sinners
  9. I'll Stick with the Old Stuff
  10. Without Him